Solutions - E-wallet

What is Asian Pay E-wallet?

Asian Pay E-wallt allows customers to remittance, exchange, deposit the funds to prepaid card
or buy crypto currency within our platform.

Direct Bank Deposit

Internet Bank Transfer

Credit Card

Payment Agency


Exchange/Crypto Currency



Direct Bank Withdraw

Prepaid Card

The features of Asian Pay E-wallet

Easy to use platform

All can be done with E-wallet
 Card Charge
 Crypto Currency Management

ATM Withdraw and Shopping by Charging Card

 Instant Deposit Charge
 24 hours / 365 days(※1)
 Can withdraw around world(※2)
 Shopping online / offline(※3)
(※1-3:Please find the fee details)

Fee Detail

Fee Detail


Deposit/Withdraw Fee
International Remittance 0.1%
(Min 50 USD to Max 80 USD)
Internal Transfer (Within Asian Pay) 5
Deposit from banks 5
Charge Back Fee 50
Card Charge Fee
Asian Pay Card Charge 5
Exchange Fee
Foreign Exchange Fee(All Currency) Free